Discord Connection Issues Upon Successful Renewal

This guide is for actively subscribed members having issues with our members only Discord access. Many of you have contacted our support team regarding losing access upon renewal post March 2024. We’ve investigated the issue and found that 99% of these connection desyncs are a result of Discord’s new username change. For those who are unaware, Discord has chosen to migrate their username system in 2023. Previously your Discord tag would have looked something like this “yourusername#9183” which now would be changed to “yourusername” like most other login systems. You can reference this change here

You should have received multiple emails and or warnings within the Discord app from Discord themselves regarding this change over the last 12 months. If you’ve chosen to ignore the request to change your username, starting March 4th Discord has forcefully changed your username for you. If you were lucky, your username was unique and you would get your original username without the #XXXX tag. Unfortunately for most people this isn’t the case and your username likely is some randomized alphanumeric representation of your previous username. This is what is causing you to lose your access, because our automated BOT does not recognize your new Discord username. 

In order to fix this, you will need to re-authenticate with the bot using the steps outlined below. Please follow these instructions in this exact order. If you continue to have issues please contact support and we will work with you directly to get it fixed.


Step 1

Make sure you are connected to our Discord server within your app (even if you just have guest only access). You need to be in the server for our Bot to attach a role to you. You can verify this by noting that the CryptoLifer server icon is in your server list on the very left of your app. See image below.

Step 2

Revoke permissions to our bot in your personal Discord settings. First, log into your CryptoLifer website account by going here. Once you login your should see your account dashboard. You’ll want to disconnect from Discord by hitting the bright red “Disconnect from Discord” button. After you’ve done this you should see the button change color to green and say “Connect To Discord” instead. 

Now head over to your Discord app to revoke out Bot permissions. To do this click on the cog/gear icon next to your username in the bottom left corner of the app (desktop app).

You should see your account settings now. On the menu on the left, click “Authorized Apps” under the User Settings menu. You should see a list of Apps or Bots that you have given account permissions to. Please find the one labeled CryptoLifer.com Website (see image below). You will want to hover over that section and you should see a “Deauthorize” button appear. The button will turn fully red in color when you hover over the button. Please click the button and you should no longer see the CryptoLifer.com Website Bot. Don’t worry we will reconnect it in the next step.

Step 3

Head back to your Cryptolifer.com website account dashboard here. We will now reconnect and authorize by clicking the green “Connect To Discord” button. If you successfully revoked the bot permission in step 2, you should now be taken to Discord’s webapp and be asked to login to your Discord account. Once you login it will show another pop-up asking for you to give permission to our bot to access your account username/email and assign roles within our server. Click accept and you should have access now to the Discord (assuming that you have an active paid subscription). If you still don’t have access after this step, go back to the website’s account dashboard, hit disconnect from Discord. Wait a moment, and then click Connect To Discord. You may need to wait up to 5 minutes for it to go through. Right now Discord’s API is being hammered and is functioning on a queue. If you’ve followed the steps above and are still having issues with Discord connection please contact us and we will work with you to get you connected.


Thank you for your patience,

CryptoLifer Support Team

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