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Our Mission

Empowering People

With Knowledge

Most people live below their potential, stuck in the 9-5. The path out of the rat race requires skills โ€“ freedom has to be learned.

My name is Sam Price, and in my professional life I knew I was capable of attaining wealth. Everything changed for me and my family when I discovered cryptocurrency trading. By learning technical analysis and the art of trading, I was able to break free from the system and I now live the life of my dreams. I decided to devote my life to helping others achieve the same freedom I found through trading cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Lifer is my life’s work: an all-in-one system that includes in-depth courses, personal coaching and a thriving community with hundreds of smart, driven traders. Hundreds of Crypto Lifers have learned to earn a second income or even become their own boss. By learning how to trade cryptocurrencies, you can become the person you dreamed of being.

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Here are some services I Provide

Become A
Crypto Lifer

Join our private trading group and gain valuable data and insight.ย ย 



Member only trading and discussion group through Discord.

Youtube Streaming

I stream live on Youtube regularly throughout the week.



I provide instructional courses on Cryptocurrency trading.


I provide 1 on 1 consulting trading Cryptocurrency