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  • Join “The group that will teach you to trade crypto profitably
    Join “The group that will teach you to trade crypto profitably" – the Crypto Lifer Discord.

    Gain immediate access to comprehensive trading courses, rare market metrics and updates, and expert-level discussions where your questions can be answered.

  • Attain the mindset and strategies it takes to BEAT THE MARKETS.
    Attain the mindset and strategies it takes to BEAT THE MARKETS.

    Join thousands of people who make daily trading profits no matter which way the markets are moving. Crypto Lifer hands you the keys: Discipline, Consistency, and Technical Analysis.

  • Start making gains right away.
    Start making gains right away.

    Save time and make greater gains with daily exclusive crypto charts and trade calls from Sam Price and other elite traders. We scan all the crypto markets every day, so you don’t have to.

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Why You Should Join Crypto Lifer

Discord is a chat application. The Crypto Lifer group on Discord is a community of people who want to learn, make connections, share ideas, and use cryptocurrency as a gateway to financial freedom.

Want to make a trading profit no matter where the market goes? Then you need to learn about Technical Analysis, unique price indicators, and the mindset for trading success. Crypto Lifer’s courses and community of experts have taught hundreds to achieve massive crypto gains.
We’re better when we work together. If you want to ask questions or provide your own opinions, this community is for you. We’ll celebrate your successes and lament your misfortunes and failures. This community is focused on cryptocurrency primarily, but we’re humans and we embrace that.
This community is a fantastic place to get and provide feedback on interesting ideas. We’re all motivated to use cryptocurrency to make the world better in a wide variety of ways. Got a trade you’ve been working on? Want to discover fascinating ways people are trading cryptocurrency? This is the place to be.

Not sure what to expect from this group?

Here are some features for you at a glance.

Quality People

Our onboarding process, enforced code of conduct, and fantastic moderators keep it a friendly place to be.

Charts & Videos Channels

Charts and videos explaining possible moves to be aware of. Stay ahead of the spikes and dips.

Learning Groups

Form your own groups and learn better together.


Alerts Channel

Channel for alerts on possible breakouts including charts and where we're setting our alerts for and why.

Learning Library

Channel filled with a library of resources to help you trade better and more efficiently.


Weekly Screenshare

Invite only online meetings where we screen share and go over our weekly gains and losses. Discuss strategires and more.

Still Not A Believer?

Listen to what actual Crypto Lifer Members are saying about our program!

Dilan Hernandez
Ultimate Lifer Member
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“I officially made 100k this week.”

"I remember when you spotted fantom at .25 and I went in with 2k. I officially made 100k this week with my defi portfolio. I couldn't be more grateful, I'm 21 and already thinking of going into real estate. Thank you man."
Brick Dorsi
Ultimate Lifer Member
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“I'm very impressed and truly blown away.”

"I'm about 2 weeks into this group and, let me tell ya, I'm very impressed and truly blown away at the focus and determination of this group. Wow, great job Lifer and the whole community, with a team like this, failure is not an option."
Justin Keillor
Ultimate Lifer Member
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“Sam has given me the confidence to start trading”

"I've been a swing trader for a while with good success but Sam, my brother, your TA help has given me the confidence to start trading low leverage 3-5x btc trades."
Ryan McLaughlin
Ultimate Lifer Member
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“Thanks to Sam, I paid off 2 years worth of debt today”

"2 months ago I was struggling financially, paying for med school, and working part time in the army. Thanks to Sam's FTM call, I paid off 2 years worth of debt today. Thank you Crypto Lifer!"
Greg N.
Ultimate Lifer Member
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“Crypto Lifer is the best, hands down.”

"Just so everyone knows, Sam has been the most accurate with his TA's. I watch so many channels and Crypto Lifer is the best hands down."
Justin K.
Ultimate Lifer Member
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“Sam is the TA goat.”

"5 months ago, I was able to quit my job, start my wife's dream business, and go full time into crypto. I learned so much and continue to learn just from watching his live videos. Sam is the TA goat."

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