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It all began with a dream. I read Mark Twain’s biography as a child, and since my parents named me after the author, I liked him immediately. Mark Twain remains a remarkable writer and philosopher. “I never let my schooling interfere with my education” was my favorite of his many quotes. This taught me that my important life skills would come from my surroundings and environment I lived in, not from formal education. I’ve always pursued information to improve my life financially, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I spent my days working for others dreaming of running my own business and achieving my ambitions. I wanted to be my own boss!

“I never let my schooling interfere with my education”

~Mark Twain

To pursue this ambition I immersed myself in self-improvement and financial development books, films, and magazines. I always believed self improvement, of both body and mind, would lead to financial improvement. I immersed myself in the financial system and monetary history. After studying fiat currencies worldwide, I realized they were unsustainable. They were dying, and in fact so many had already died! Central banks would print money forever, devaluing it to eventual zero, resulting in hyperinflation and economic ruin for those still in the system. Countless examples exist throughout history. 

During my study, I found out that more than a thousand fiat currencies have collapsed over the course of history. This is called the “fiat graveyard.” I knew from this list that the Dollar was heading in this direction and if I wanted to escape this inevitability something had to change. My financial enlightenment began in my mid-20s. I considered gold and silver as an alternative to banks, they are great stores of value but they are too cumbersome. Privately holding gold and silver seemed risky because you could become a victim of theft. And what about the practicalities of transportation? Metals are heavy, plain and simple. Then came Bitcoin. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover Bitcoin until it was over 350 dollars. 

However, I began exploring the network and its capabilities. When I recognized the similarities between gold and bitcoin, I had an ‘aha’ moment. Both had a fixed supply, and with mining difficulty scheduled to increase, it resembled gold in many aspects. Bitcoin is the perfect store of money due to its convenience and security. Bitcoin had me convinced after a year of investigation. I acquired my first Bitcoin under $2,000. This was my first crypto move and this small step would transform my life. During the halving, the amount of Bitcoin created by the miners in each block is cut in half, this halving induces scarcity of an increasingly popular asset, and leads to the run up for the next Bull run. 

I discovered the wider world of cryptocurrency during the 2017 bullrun. I learned the importance of due diligence, with new crypto coins being introduced daily it was obvious to me most would not last. I remembered how fresh projects disappeared quickly during the dot-com boom. Cardano, my first altcoin, rose from two cents to nearly one dollar and thirty cents. My crypto accounts skyrocketed during the 2017 Bull Run. After researching previous market cycles for Bitcoin, I planned how to reinvest during the bear market. I bought Bitcoin when the Bitcoin price plummeted below four thousand dollars. I calculated this was a great price to buy in!

 I studied the weekly charts searching for a bullish divergence, pairing this to my macro approach to investing, and was ready to play Bitcoin long-term, positioning myself heavily before the Bitcoin halving. I position myself before each Bitcoin halving, which occurs every four years and is baked into the Bitcoin algorithm. In a short time, my eagerness to learn, be open-minded, and investigate has brought me more wealth and accomplishment than I ever imagined. My early Crypto investments gave me time and finances to achieve my ambitions. Why can’t everyone live their dream life if I can? 

That’s why I decided to become the Crypto Lifer; I want to help regular folks follow their dreams. I assist people of all ages and walks of life in making positive changes in their lives, achieving financial independence, and developing their full potential. I started a Youtube channel and Trading School on Discord to share my technical analysis knowledge, abilities, and approach. I work harder than any other Crypto Youtuber for my trading family, my viewers. Over 900 days of Live Streaming have humbled me. I’m inspired by my clients’ written testimonials, I wake up to heartfelt messages from everyday people who have made positive changes in their lives through self improvement and crypto trading. My name is Sam Price, and I am the Crypto Lifer. Join me in this journey, follow your dreams and find your own version of freedom through Investing, Trading and Cryptocurrencies.

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