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“I’ve made over $14,000 by just following Lifer calls over BTC and it took me 3 days. This group is gold!”
Ryan H.

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With top-tier resources & members-only perks.

Save time

We’ve spent 10+ years perfecting our trading system so that you can learn it in under 3 days.

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Everything you need to learn about trading crypto is here, so you don’t have to spend elsewhere.

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Rely on 10 years’ worth of data and testing that’s helped us build our trading system.

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Our trading coaches and community will always support and cheer you on to reach your goals.

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Join the hundreds who have made life changing income using our expert training and resources.


The secret to skyrocketing your Profits

And it’s all yours in the Community.

Step-by-step training

Everything you need from getting started to mastering crypto trading in a series of easy to follow masterclasses.

Exclusive Charts

Get access to the Crypto Lifer’s charts as well as the VIP Lifers so you can make intelligent trades every time.

Coaching Sessions

Every Thursday, you’ll have the opportunity to sit in on a personal group coaching session where you are able to ask any trading question you want.

Bitcoin Updates

BTC price action has the strongest influence on the crypto charts, so we watch it like a hawk and notify you of any anticipating moves!

Market Updates

We have a pulse on everything and anything crypto, so you won’t have to be following all the crypto news blogs to be the first to know about big changes.

Supportive community

Join a thriving team of experts and peers available 24/7 to be your go-to destination for all your burning questions, feedback requests, support, and inspiration.

1000+ Academy success stories and counting

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This month alone I've Made over $50K

“I’ve been part of the group for about 10 months now and have taken the beginners course about 4 times so far and I feel like I’ve finally broken through and know a little of what I’m doing. This month alone I’ve been able to make over $50K.”

Already up 30% on my portfolio

“Just joined last night and already up 30% on my portfolio. Love the energy and the membership learning content on Discord is awesome. Learned so much already, much love Lifers!”
James W.

doubled my leverage portfolio since starting

“Been in for less than a week and already loving it. Almost doubled my leverage portfolio since starting. Making 5-25% gains multiple times a day now with little to no loss. Thanks Sam and your team for all you do the teaching is outstanding.”
Tom S.

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“I’ve made over $14,000 by just following Lifer calls over BTC and it took me 3 days. This group is gold!”
Ryan H.