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Website Launch

We've moved! Having seen tremendous growth over the last two months, we found the need to consolidate some of our systems to better service our members. Let us introduce you to www.cryptolifer.com!
From Me To You

Thank you!

For Your Support

Firstly, I want to thank all of you, our viewers and members, for your tremendous support. Seeing our community growth and the daily growth of individuals is what keeps me focused on teaching, mentoring, and content creation.

We’ve come a long way and especially over the last two months. We’ve seen tremendous growth, over 20% across all channels. As The Crypto Lifer community has grown, now closing in on 1,000 members strong, we felt the need as a team to solidify our brand and consolidate our systems under one umbrella for easier management.

This allows us to focus on first and foremost content creation, while offering you ease of access to services, content, and support.

Our pricing remains the same across the board and nothing is really changing other than customer management and support aspects. 

I thank you for your understanding as we’re continually learning and navigating this business as our community grows. Hopefully this will be the last move in the foreseeable future. I look forward to bringing you better services, content, and courses through our new web site in the future.

What is


Our main community will continue to function primarily through Discord. Through the web site we hope to provide more organization of resources and customer management. Here’s what’s new below.

Frequently Asked


Our website uses SSL certificate at the highest and most strict web standards. Whether you purchase memberships through our new website or another platform, all credit card transactions are processed through Stripe (a developer friendly payment processor), that is PCI DSS compliant. No data is stored on our website whatsoever. Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance to us. Please review our privacy policy if you have any further questions regarding your customer information.

As of now, nothing. You can continue to stay on those platforms if you wish. We do encourage you to move to our new platform as eventually we will be offering other services that will be only available and manageable through our new site. If you’re an existing Mee6 or Patreon user, you will need to cancel your subscription on those platforms first before signing up for a membership on the site, to avoid payment overlap. Unfortunately do to the closed nature of the other systems we cannot migrate you over and this is a manual process.

You can pay with crypto on our checkout process. Please select the membership type marked as crypto payment only. Currently we are only accepting Bitcoin as an acceptable payment type. Due to the subscription nature of membership you will be required to manually renew your subscriptions upon expiring. If you’re a long term or dedicated member we suggest you choose on our 3 month, 6 month, or annual plans which provide extra savings and the benefit of not having to manually renew your subscription frequently.